Dreams: Parts 1 and 2

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He's smart.

Take the Plunge/Part 2

After Pin pointed out the remaining contestants' weak points, Pin chooses Eraser as he was the least horrible out of all of the people left. When it was Pin's turn to choose someone to be on her team, Pen and Eraser choose Blocky, to Match's dismay. When Tennis Ball says Flower could become more of an enemy if Pin's team gets her, Golf Ball agrees with him and Coiny teases them about having a crush on each other.

Therefore, Woody is the only choice for Pin so she barfs on him in disgust. When it is time for them to name their teams, both teams start saying a bunch of team names, but when the Announcer sees that both teams are far from agreement, he chooses the names for them. He says that Pin's team will be called the Squishy Cherries to which Blocky protests and Leafy's team will be called the Squashy Grapes. The first contest is to build a boat, get in it, and row it across the Goiky Canal and the first team to make it across the Goiky Canal wins. The Squashy Grapes start chatting.

Golf Ball tells all her teammates that she plans to build a motorboat. The Squashy Grapes continue chatting, to which she asks if anyone is listening to her. After an exchange of insults, Snowball, enraged, charges directly at her, knocking her off the cliff. Everyone, with the exception of Flower and Rocky, run away in fear. Then Rocky and Snowball get knocked off the cliff. Firey tries to bang a hammer on a nail on the boat but the nail falls and he slams the hammer in the boat very hard.

Pin tells him to be more careful and Eraser stepped on the nail that dropped. Eraser shoots up in pain and falls back first on a bed of nails. The Squashy Grapes start to build their boat except for Flower, who refuses to help. Meanwhile, the Squishy Cherries decide Match, Pen, and Pencil to be their oars and Bubble tells the rest of the team to get in the boat.

See a Problem?

Back to the Squashy Grapes, Leafy puts a motor on the boat. The boat starts drifting away and the Squashy Grapes rush to get in. However, the boat is a small triangle, so only Leafy, Ice Cube, and Coiny get on the boat. The rest of the contestants of the Squashy Grapes run in the water, trying to get on the boat.

I Dream of Fire: Parts 1 & 2

Leafy says that she feels bad, and Coiny doesn't care and starts the motor. Tennis Ball is right behind the motor at that moment, and he is propelled away from the boat. Meanwhile, back to the Squishy Cherries, Blocky uses Match as an oar. After Match gasps for air, she tells Blocky not to leave her underwater for more than 30 seconds. Just then, a hole opens up in the boat, sending water into the boat.

Firey shouts "LEAK!! Just then, a fish comes along and bites Blocky's butt causing him to shoot up in the air in pain and he gets eaten by a fish monster. Pencil appears out of the water in the hole that the leak is in and Firey says for her to stay there, as they need a plug.

Systematic Chaos - Wikipedia

Out of nowhere, Leafy , Ice Cube, and Coiny's boat crash into the Cherries boat with them in it and they fly above them. The Cherries' boat starts to break. Meanwhile, Leafy, Ice Cube, and Coiny and their boat fly over a bunch of random things.

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Ice Cube gets scared and they fly past the finish line. They fly through several trees and land in a different pool of water. Meanwhile, the Squishy Cherries panic as their boat is breaking. Pin says there is too much weight on the boat and they have to throw someone overboard. They make a good choice and throw Spongy overboard. During recording, the title of the track was, "Fisheye" and it was the seventh and final song to be written.

Wilson 's book The Politics of Truth. The title of the track during recording was, "Carpet Babies" and it was the third song to be written. At , "The Ministry of Lost Souls" is the album's second longest track. Throughout the song's lyrics, Petrucci tells of a person who dies in the process of saving a woman from drowning. However, the woman who is saved is filled with "regret and sorrow" until she is able to re-unite with her rescuer. The title for the track during recording was, "Schindler's Lisp" and it was the fourth song to be written. Over their seven album relationship with Warner Music Group , Dream Theater became disappointed at the lack of coverage they gave the band.

Portnoy spent a month directing and editing a documentary titled Chaos in Progress: The Making of Systematic Chaos , which was released on the two disc special edition of the album. The world tour comprised shows throughout thirty-five countries. The compilation of concerts was released on September 30, Critical reception for Systematic Chaos was generally positive.

Writing for MetalReview. Overall, he states "[ The album peaked in the top twenty-five in the United Kingdom and Australia, where the band had never previously charted. In the US , the album sold 35, copies the first week it was released. In , readers of Rhythm magazine voted Systematic Chaos the second greatest drumming album in the history of progressive rock.

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