More Than Money, True Prosperity: A Wholistic Guide to Having It All

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WHY MEDITATE? 18 ways how meditating can really change one’s life

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How To Use Meditation To Make More Money & Erase Debt: A Holistic Wealth Expert Explains

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Back to top. If someone is suffering from high blood pressure hypertension , then learning Transcendental Meditation TM could be a wise step towards better health.

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TM has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure in:. Back to the list of health issues. From increasing blood pressure to raising cholesterol levels, stress is linked to heart disease in many ways. So it is actually no surprise that an effective way of relieving stress also benefits your heart.

Sleep Hypnosis for Manifesting Holistic Abundance: Unlock 7 Dimensions Law of Attraction

This has been shown by several recent research studies. A calming meditation practice not only busts stress, but also:. It is scientifically proven that unhealthy food is just as addictive as cocaine. No wonder that so many people struggle to lose weight or develop serious eating disorders! This combo of good habits will help to keep the mind-body system naturally content and happy. The urge to drown the daily sorrows in a bucket of ice-cream simply vanishes of its own accord.

Getting enough sleep is essential to feeling good inside out. But what if one is too anxious and stressed out to fall asleep in the first place? Like other treatments for sleep problems, meditation has many side effects. Unlike sleeping pills, however, these side effects are all positive, ranging from increased work efficiency to improved relationships! A person who has been diagnosed with cancer has to face not only the physical pain and discomfort that comes with the disease and the treatment, but also the mental anxiety that accompanies the difficult journey.

One of the recommended treatments for the anxiety and mood disorders that cancer patients might suffer from is the Transcendental Meditation technique. There are several moving testimonies on how this effective stress-management practice lays the foundations for getting back to full health. A recent study showed that meditation practice clearly improves the health-related quality of life for people living with HIV. The HIV patients who meditated also had better outcomes on measures such as stress hormone levels and T-cell count, as well as improvements in areas such as ability to be physically and socially active, pain levels, general mental health, vitality, and general health.

Feeling less stressed is bound to keep the immune system in a better condition.

The secret to understanding debt and wealth patterns is in your body.

How is it possible to quit smoking or drugs without even intending to? How to make recovery from alcoholism easier? Usually, the real reason for picking up a cigarette or a drink is the need to relieve stress — the desire to unwind and relax.

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Yet meditation is an-easy-to-learn technique that has been found to make quitting smoking and recovering from alcohol addiction much easier exactly because it relaxes your mind and body without any undesired side-effects.