Dear Communion of Saints: amusingly apt advice for foolish Christians

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amusingly apt advice for foolish Christians

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Dear Communion of Saints: amusingly apt advice for foolish Christians

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Dear Communion of Saints: amusingly apt advice for foolish Christians by Susan M. Windley-Daoust

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An occasional series. That sounds like divine license to me! Alphonsus Ligouri responds: My dear son in Christ Jesus, I have good news, and bad news, and good news. As follows-- 1 Mistakes are accidents. Monday, January 18, Sts. Vatican City : The sense from those gathered in prayer, invoking the communion of saints? Two of the communion's most invoked saints are not pleased. In an unusual move for the communion of saints, Sts.

Therese de Lisieux and Mother Cabrini have joined together to announce a plea from the beyond. Both women said they were tired of being the go-to women for securing parking spaces in urban environments. Seriously: 'Mother Cabrini, Mother Cabrini, please find a space for my little machine-y?

I could stand it if you were trying to find a spot in front of the ER if you thought you had a stroke. But that's rarely the issue. I said I wanted to spend my heaven doing good on earth! But I didn't mean this! Really now: someone the other day uttered this at the JFK airport-- 'Little Flower, in this hour, show your power' --and by sheer luck a person pulled out of a parking space near the elevators.

Now he's going to expect that kind of luck again, I know it! Besides, I have no power, the power is God's alone. I have suffered the misuse of this prayer for the love of you and joining with the humility of our savior You should be offering it up anyway. The next time someone tries to use us as a parking valet service, we will indeed answer your prayer: by saying 'just turn to Jesus'.

Then they began to sing a heavenly version of Simple Gifts. As the perception of the saints faded, the congregation wailed and gnashed teeth, rushing out to the parking lot. Labels: DearCommunionOfSaints , fake news , satire. Dear Communion of Saints: I just read the results of the Pew Study on religious observance in the USA, and noted with horror that Catholic attendance is down dramatically if one doesn't factor in new immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

I'm hotter than a tea kettle on full whistle about this. But also confused The Jesuits? The DaVinci Code? Opus Dei? Those crazy dogmatists? Those cafeteria munchers? The media? Lazy parents? Sports events on Sunday? The sex abuse scandal? The lack of eucharistic adoration? I need to focus my frustration on someone, because I really want to pummel someone into the ground about this. Please help! Channeling divine vengeance, Boiling Madeleine Although there was a bit of a tussle in heaven over who got a crack at this first, St.

Teresa of Avila is tapped to answer the question. My dear sister in Christ, This is not the reason numbers have dropped, but I want you to stop and consider one phrase: The Inquisition. Now, as an unworthy one attempting to be faithful through the pure grace of Our Majesty, I do not wish to brag. I simply wish to remind you that the Inquisition was a concrete reality in my day, and the Inquisitors questioned my work and the mystical gifts I received from God.

It was not pleasant. Then my order gave me all kinds of difficulty in creating a more strict observance of the Carmelite charism.

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My most honorable Padre Juan was kept in solitary confinement from members of the order for a time. It was not a good moment in the history of the Catholic Church, let's say. Perhaps you've heard of it. So how did we respond? We became saints. Think about it. Of course, it's important to look soberly at why people leave, or drift, from the Church. Such education may provide a clue to self-correction. It also will humble us, and we need that. But we know what we need to do: we need to devote ourselves, heart and soul, to Christ. And living such a life is an inspiration to others.

They want to know what makes you tick. I tell you, I didn't want to write any of those books. But I was ordered to, and I think this is why. Tearing ourselves apart inspires no one but Satan.